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15 One Line Starters

"Is that a [bug]?"
"Want to get a coffee?"
"I like your ___."
"I think I'm lost.
"You're cute."
"Why am I here?"
"Do you know where ____ is?"
"I forgot my wallet!"
"What are you doing?"
"This line is taking FOREVER."
"I'm so hungry!"
"Buy you a drink?"
"I need to pee."
"I'm ready!"
"Get in the car."



      He breathed a sigh of relief, before nodding. "I knew I could count on your help. But, Snow… there’s something you need to know… before."

There was a notable hint of impatience contorting the man’s features.

      ❝C’mon, Hope. Out with it.❞ 

Patron of Darkness//Savior of Light




Send a ♚. Your character falls asleep on mine, I’ll reply with what mine does.



The patron’s head turned slightly to the left as Stella’s weight pressed against his shoulder. He remained still, blinking in bewilderment, then decided to allow her rest using him as a makeshift pillow. She seemed…. familiar somehow—perhaps she was one of his party entertainers?

               ——{♛}The blonde woman barely moved. When she finally did, Stella awoke to look at the large blond she had leaned on. "My apologies. I was so exhausted.."


The soft, calm expression upon his countenance remained as so as she apologized. He hadn’t minded the contact although she was a stranger to him.

      ❝No harm done—it’s fine, ma’am.❞ 


Send a ♚. Your character falls asleep on mine, I’ll reply with what mine does.


Snow’s initial reaction was to push the other man away—as soon as he saw Noctis’ eyelids droop sleepily he tried inching further from him, but lamentably, he was soon being used as a pillow against his will. An unintelligible string of grumbles escaped tiers then died down when the patron admitted defeat. He’d let it slide just this once.


[Please note, the art was made for the crack of it~ But hey, whatever works]

                                      ATTACK ON EASTER [AOF EVENT]

Ah, Easter! A time to relax, have fun, and celebrate life. And we here at Attack on Fantasy are having a springtime festival with all one could hope for — from an Easter egg hunt, egg decorating, and plenty of chocolate for the kids of all ages, to a lovely dance and dinner buffet at night. We’ve booked the weekend in a lovely hotel, all expenses paid, and you are invited!

There is a catch though, of course. Our worlds are not the safest in the multiverse, after all. One never knows when a behemoth, cockatrice, or titan may interrupt…


AOF members, please like or reblog this post to participate! Before the start of the event, you will be paired off randomly with a roommate. In the event of an odd number, we will have one group with three [depending on how numbers work out].  You may interact exclusively with that roommate for the event, or you may branch out if you so choose. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE TOMORROW, FRIDAY 18TH APRIL! We, the mods, will give you all the resources needed. In the OFFICIAL EVENT POST we will include locations, activities, scenarios. Because it’s not like they’re gonna bump into a Titan… right? Like we’d do that… *Maniacal Laugh*

Not a member yet? Then reserve/apply today!

If you wish to partake, but are not available for the weekend, please send a message into the group and we will have a latecomers section so those who spent Easter with their families and friends don’t miss out on the fun. 

This will be the first event we can use the aofevent tag in! :D

Coldplay | Mylo Xyloto


Send a ♚. Your character falls asleep on mine, I’ll reply with what mine does.


A few seconds of hesitance ticked by until the patron slowly slipped his arm around the brunette. He sat in silence as she slept, soon resting his cheek atop her head and relaxing. Normally he’d shy away from contact with anyone but Lightning—so this was somewhat new to him, albeit he did not mind.


Send a ♚. Your character falls asleep on mine, I’ll reply with what mine does.


How long had it been since they’d had a moment of peace together? Certainly a long time. So the blond shifted in his spot to provide his friend with more room to lean into him, Hope’s head finding a comfortable rest against the patron’s chest.

      ❝I’m living up to my nickname of being a teddy bear. Yup.❞ 

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